Every child deserves a care-free childhood!

A child shouldn’t be bothered with hospitals, intensive treatments, pain and sadness. Childhood is the foundation for the rest of your life, and should be a source of beautiful memories. That’s why the Conor Cares Foundation supports Prinses Màxima Centrum for pediatric oncology and the KiKa foundation. Together we will help conquer childhood cancer.

The Foundation

The Conor Cares Foundation was established after Conor passed away much too young. A cheerful, brave boy who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at the end of 2016, after which he died within a few short days.

Conor was always positive in life – until the very last moment – we want to let Conor's positivity live on in a sportive way with this foundation. With our activities, we draw attention to childhood cancer, and inspire people to get involved in fundraising for finding a cure for childhood cancer.

Conor's Story

Watch Conor's gripping yet inspiring story here. How a family turned disbelief and loss into positivity and hope for other sick children. 


Sponsorloop OBS De Venen

Op 12 april staat de tweede inzamelingsactie voor de Conor Cares Foundation op het programma, namelijk de sponsorloop van OBS De Venen uit Reeuwijk. De kinderen van

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Conor Cares Foundation is committed to fundraising with emphasis on sport. 

Spinning Marathon

Together with enthusiastic athletes and volunteers we organise spinning marathons.

Sponsor runs

The Conor Cares Foundation helps organise sponsor runs in primary schools.

Indoor Cycling Races

On a velodrome with a former Olympic rider!

Bi-Annual Main Events

The Conor Cares Foundation participates, among other things, in the Giro di KiKa



In consultation with our cooperation partners, such as the Princess Maxima Center, a pre-defined fundraising goal is chosen to which the Conor Cares Foundation can contribute.


An annual activity calendar will be prepared for fundraising activities. Every two years we organize a major event, which requires longer preparation.


We keep the costs for the events as low as possible by bartering and sponsoring and by deploying and supporting as many volunteers as possible. In this way maximum returns are obtained from the activities.


Help us! All donations benefit the fight against childhood cancer. Any amount is welcome on account number
NL93 ABNA 0106 4873 29


Kievitlande 59
2641 RG  Pijnacker


RSIN: 863194047

IBAN: NL93 ABNA 0106 4873 29

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